Wednesday, September 1, 2010

DorNee' Gift Sets


DorNee' has been really on the move keeping busy and making every effort to service all of your needs and requests. I had an enormous amount of requests to do wedding, birthday and shower favors from our customers so we set out to put together personalized favors and I must say it has been wonderful, exciting and has kept me really, really busy.

I listen to my DorNee' family and everyone wanted something different, unique and something that their guest would really appreciate. What a better gift to give... natural body luxuries of DorNee'. The feedback has been huge with very happy customers as their guest felt that the DorNee' favors was the icing on the cake at their events!!!

Above you will see the gift bags for a Tea Party for a 10 yr old princess named Blair. Her fragrance was light and fruity perfect for little girls. The products were appropriately named the Blairberry line!!! Miss Blair was so excited and asked if she could tell all her friends that she has her very own personal line of natural products!!!

The small candles were created with a succulent mix of warm essential oils for a masculine touch and were packaged in beautiful gift boxes and bags for the celebration for the well known rapper Gucci Mane. This event was held in Atlanta GA and hosted by celebrity event planner Jamahl L. King of STEPS ( Those candles was a huge success for such an elegant event. You can view clips of the event on You Tube at

The latest event was a bridal shower held in Atlanta and the spa bags again were such a hit and generated many orders. Now I am working on wedding gifts; 300 8 oz candles for the guest in his & her fragrances, and handcrafted soap for another wedding. The request for the soap was very different, but it is for a customer of DorNee' that LOVES our soap!

All I can say is what a pleasure it is to be able to fulfill dreams as I do what I am so passionate about....the Natural Body Luxuries of DorNee'

If you are interested in gifting your guest something unique, special and personalized to your event, please send an email to for details. It would be an honor to add to your special event.

DorNee' Love~

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