Sunday, March 21, 2010

Introducing....Hair Luxuries


The wait is over!! WOO HOO!! DorNee' Hair Luxuries are in stock! After going through six months or longer of testing, great feedback and many, many orders from my local customers....I am pleased to launch the Hair Repair Replenishing Butter to everyone!

The testing of this product came from long time hairstylist and salon owners who has first hand knowledge of what is needed and ladies that has all types of hair such as colored/chemically treated, natural and damaged who also use the product on their daughter's hair and loves it!

This powerful combination of Horsetail and Shea butters conditions your hair and scalp, add luster and help minimize breakage. The essential oil of Rosemary stimulates the scalp while Amla oil penetrates and strengthen hair at the root, as it promotes stronger, healthier hair growth. This Hair Luxury is great for all types of hair especially chemically treated and damaged hair.

My hair has grown a great deal over the last eight months, making it the longest it has been in about 15 years and I can truly say that it is because of the use of Hair Repair Replenishing Butter and continued maintenance by my FAB hairstylist and best friend....Shennevean Long. If you are in the Cleveland area, check her out!!! Changing Faces Hair Studio in Cleveland Hts, 216-321-5900 .

I am very passionate about this product for I have always been about healthy, beautiful, natural hair. I truly took a great deal of time to research and put together the best combination of natural ingredients that were conducive to stimulating growth, replenishing moisture and assisting in repairing damaged hair.

In two weeks, the launch of another great Hair Luxury, Free Flow Nurture & Style will be added to the boutique. I will send out a blast here with all the details of the product prior to its launch.

Until then, Log on to our online boutique at so you can get your long awaited Hair Luxuries! I look forward to this launch and to hear your feedback on the Hair Repair Replenishing Butter!!!

DorNee' On The Move!!!

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