Saturday, February 20, 2010

God's Will


I am sorry that you all have not heard from me in a while. Alot has been going on and I have just gotten in a better place to communicate. I will not talk long on the post, however I wanted to share with you all that I had a great loss in my family. My husband passed away January 2, 2010.

My husband had been sick and suffering for a very long time until God stepped in and said "rest my child without any suffering". He is now with his Heavenly Father in a place where there is no pain and sickness.

My heart has been very heavy as you can image, however I am in a better place, a peaceful place. As I get adjusted to my new personal life, I must say that my husband was so supportive and encouraging which helps me move forward on this new journey.

DorNee' has always brought me a great deal of peace in tough times and I thank all of my supporters for the love!

DorNee' Love

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