Sunday, November 1, 2009

Maurice on the Move in Kansas City!


There is nothing like spreading the DorNee' Love! Maurice Vauss a wonderful and passionate supporter of the natural body luxuries of DorNee' that I am so very honored to have apart of the DorNee' family as consultant had his DorNee' Debut party!!!

Maurice is working his DorNee' business in Kansas City, MO and doing a wonderful job of it. In keeping with the recognition, I have to share that Maurice has expanded his business with DorNee' by building a team as he recruited a FAB woman, Charlesetta Hawkins!!! You will see her in lights soon.

As you can see in the pictures there was a room full of FAB women and I had the pleasure of speaking to these ladies as I attended the debut party virtually! I will support my consultants by any means necessary!!!

Maurice said he was nervous as he presented his DorNee' business for the first time, however the feedback from his guest was all good! He did a great job as he is such a well spoken, and knowledgeable man and of course those ladies were elated that (as you can see) he is easy on the eye!! I am proud of Maurice and surely not surprised that he would do a fantastic job.

I always encourage greatness, for that is what we at DorNee' strives for. If you are interested in joining the DorNee' Consultant Program for a rewarding and meaningful journey, please contact our office at

GREAT JOB MAURICE!!! This is the first of many!

DorNee' Love

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