Saturday, November 14, 2009

DorNee' Diva


In keeping with my featured DorNee' Divas, I would like to introduce to you Ms. Darlene Jeter!!! Often times you will come across good people and have never met them before. This is the case with Darlene and I. What is actually funny is that she and I have been in the same room at a social gathering and did not know it until we chatted later!!

I was blessed to do a live segment on channel 5 Good Morning Cleveland with news anchor Kimberly Gill last year and after that interview, I was contacted by Darlene who is a writer for channel 5. Darlene was doing an online story on natural products and DorNee' was featured. That featured gave the DorNee' line mass exposure for it reaches thousands of online readers and I am forever grateful to Darlene. Darlene then tried the products and this is what she has to say.

DJ: I found out about the lovely products of DorNee' after seeing her featured on NewsChannel5 for a Valentine’s Day gift segment. Torrian talked about her creams that she promised would moisturize dry skin. I have dry skin so my interest was piqued instantaneously.

Watch the interview online:

TD: What was your first DorNee' purchase and why?

DJ: I tried the Grapefruit Body Pudding and Cream Body Scrub. It is wonderful. Additionally, studies have shown that grapefruit is a scent that attracts men, so that absolutely made the product a draw as well.

TD: What do you like about the DorNee' products?

DJ: I love the Cream Scrubs because they truly moisturize my skin. I do not need lotion when using the Cream Scrub and this really helps me maintain moisture in my skin. I have to be at work at 6 a.m. and sometimes I do not have enough time to slather lotion all over my body.

TD: What is your favorite product(s) and why?

DJ: The Cream Scrub is the greatest but the Suga Foot Pumice Scrub is also great and helps me to maintain soft feet in between pedicures. The scent is also incredible.

TD: What product would you like to see added to the DorNee' line?

DJ: I would like a product that smells like Suga Foot for the body and moisturizes like the cream body scrub.

TD: Do you feel like a valued DorNee' customer and why?

TD: Yes, I feel like a valued DorNee customer because Torrian updates me when there is a new product or scent. I hope to plan a spa party very soon.

I have to again say how much I appreciate the support I get from Darlene and I am so looking forward to meeting her when she host the DorNee' spa party! Darlene has an incredible passion for writing and you can follow Darlene's blog Choosing Mr. Wrong at Log on and subscribe, you will enjoy it!

DorNee' Love

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