Thursday, October 29, 2009

Happy Birthday Mommy!


Today is a very special day for it is my mother's birthday.
Mommy would have been 63, sugar sharp and more beautiful than I could ever imagined.

My son Brisk would be more spoiled than ever as he spent a great deal of time with his granny. Mommy would be giving me my morning wake up call, for I can hear her angelic voice saying as she did every morning "morning baby it's mommy, get up and get Brisk together, gotta go and read my bible".

My mom would be so proud of my nieces who are both so beautiful, smart and in college. Mommy would not be too happy about my oldest sister Michelle moving so far away from her to TN! I am not too happy either!!! However, she as well would be so proud of Michelle's continued success.

As you all know God was ready for my mother to join Him in Heaven where the streets are paved in GOLD!!! I am normally not in a good place on this day, however it is time to celebrate her life. I miss my mommy so very much.

It is because of my mother that DorNee' exist, (DorNee' a combination of the words adore and mommy's name Renee'), it is because of her spirit that I continue on my natural body luxuries journey and it is because of my faith in God that I can finally release my heavy heart and look forward to seeing her beautiful face again.

True DorNee' Love

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