Sunday, October 11, 2009

Sister2Sister Magazine


I am again excited and grateful for all opportunities that are extended to me on behalf of the DorNee' line. This mention however comes from the heart of President and CEO Jamie Foster Brown of Sister2Sister Magazine. The mention is in the Meow Section of the 21st Anniversary Edition!! Wow did not realize that S2S has been out that long.

Congratulations to you Jamie for a job well done of keeping it real, lending your voice when no one would and providing many, many readers with great interviews of our favorite celebrities! God will bless you with another 21 years. Ok, I can't leave out Jamie's son Randy who is as well a warm, soft spoken gentleman who is so kind to me and I thank you!

I was asked to send Jamie a DorNee' basket for a mutual friend as a gift and the "DorNee' Love began!! She LOVED the products! I even received a call from Jamie's dear friend Naomi who said she begged for some of the natural goodies and she loves the products as well.

I finally had the pleasure of meeting Jamie in August as we both were sponsors for a Celebrity event held Bronner Brothers weekend in Atlanta. We had a ball!! She is such a warm person with a HUGE personality and I told her she was my new best friend!!

Jamie said such kind words about me and the DorNee' line. The mention may be small, but it surely speaks volumes and I am grateful. Pick up your copy!!

DorNee' Love

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