Tuesday, October 27, 2009

DorNee' Diva


I would like to introduce to you some of my DorNee' Divas! These are ladies who really show the natural body luxuries of DorNee' a great deal of love and I am so very honored to service them! I have some great, loyal customers so family be on the lookout for more featured DorNee' Divas!

First Diva up is the FAB Lisa D Hall (she is beautiful!) It was a pleasure to meet Lisa as she visited the showcased DorNee' line, checked out the line, allowed me to introduce the products to her and then she made her purchase! Can't go without mentioning she had on a beautiful black dress!! Here is what Lisa had to say:

TD: How did you hear of the DorNee' line?

LDH: I first heard about DorNee' at a Masonic Ball held in February of 2009. I noticed the booth and had the pleasure of being introduced to the founder and the products at that time.

TD: What was your first DorNee' purchase and why?

LDH: Sweet Creme Body Silk Oil and Mellow Kiss lotion were my first purchases. I love the aroma and the way it felt on my skin. After explaining my needs (dry skin and an after bath moisturizer), those items fit my needs perfectly.

TD: What do you like about the DorNee' products?

LDH: If you have have not tried DorNee' products, you are missing a treat. A person like myself who loves fragrances, was mesmerized by the distinguished smells from sweet to coconut. The fact that you have several wonderful fragrances to choose from such as body oils, lotion/body cremes and soaps. I LOVE DorNee' products!!!!

TD: What is your favorite product(s)and why?

LDH: Sweet Creme!Sweet Creme!Sweet Creme!! The Body Silk Oil especially and the lotion. I get alot of compliments on this on because it blends so well with my body chemistry.

TD: What product would you like to see added to the DorNee' line?

LDH: I love natural products. My hair maintenance consists of all/only natural products. I would love to see DorNee' provide hair products for those of us with natural hair.

TD: Do you feel like a valued DorNee' customer and why?

LDH: Yes, I have looked around for products that fit my natural lifestyle and I found it in DorNee. I am yours for life!

Let me say Lisa, I appreciate you and it is my mission to create natural body luxuries that promote self love, encourage a desire to maintain beautiful skin and to enrich our bodies naturally! Also, be on the look out for the DorNee' Naturals Hair Luxuries line to hit www.dornee.com really, really soon!

DorNee' Love

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