Monday, August 17, 2009

VIP Celebrity Lounge, DorNee'


I truly had a FAB weekend! I was in Atlanta showcasing the DorNee' line at the Bronner Brothers Hair Show. There I (DorNee')was a sponsor along with my new best friend Jamie Foster Brown of Sister2Sister Magazine.

The VIP Celebrity lounge was hosted by STEPS Event Planning Marketing Firm. As I stated before, I work directly with the CEO & Founder Jamahl L King. Check out his website at He is top notch in hosting events, well connected and a celebrity favorite. Meeting him and being able to call him a friend is a pleasure and honor.

Jamahl really put DorNee' on blast as he always does, having two HOT bodied men that were doing chair massages with the DorNee' products, great food, music and guest. The lounge was beautiful. All celebrity guest received Swag Bags including DorNee' products.

Upon my arrival I was able to meet and chat with Al B Sure who kept telling me how good I was smelling. DorNee' I said and he said "So you are DorNee'? Long and short, he is now DorNee' Man Body Silk Oil fan!!

Thereafter, Sheree (ATL Housewives)came in looking fly with her "Who Gone Check Me Boo" Signature tee shirt on. We took a bunch of pictures, she got the Sweet Scents Perfume Roll On in Grapefruit

Tiny & Toya with the kids came got chance to chat with Toya, she is too cute! Tiny, is just that tiny! ATL loves those ladies as if they were Mary J & Whitney Houston! They were tripping over each other to get to them!!! Reginae and Zonnique are too cute!

Jamie Foster Brown and I had our first official meeting as she and her good friend Naomi are lovers of the DorNee' line! She hugged and kissed me up!! She Looks great, has such a huge personality and a great deal of fun!! We took so many pictures!! She loved the dresses I had on and tried to take my dress off me as she and her assistant Stephanie threatened to hold me down and take it off me!!! Her son Randy is so laid back and soft spoken, however extremely nice and personable!!

Young Joc looks like a little boy!! I almost did not recognize him! Al Sharpton....his hair fit right in...Did not get to see Chris Rock & Nia Long, I was on a plane back home. Met the executive of Rolling Out Magazine, will be connecting with him this week.

Lisa Wu Hartwell is a ball of fun! Her personality is fabulous!! I had the pleasure of meeting she and NeNe last year and she just don't meet any strangers. She is now a Sweet Creme girl. She was so excited about the line especially after Jamahl and Jamie said so many wonderful things about me and the DorNee line, she ask for my business card, she said she will keep in touch....she is so busy, so if she squeeze me in, that would be great! Her husband Ed.....have mercy!!!

The 6th ATL Housewife, Dwight is FAB!! He looked better than half the ladies in the lounge!! His makeup was flawless, his eyelashes...perfect!! He said "Darling what a fabulous dress!!" while he and I took pictures. He is starting a fashion line and was hosting an official after party of our event!!!

Kandi formerly of Escape with her BEAUTIFUL daughter came and she was a very nice person as well. So much went on this weekend, I may have to do a part 2.

The event was great! until I lost my camera fooling with Jamie!!!! I am sick! beyond sick!! I took many pictures with everyone including my BEAUTIFUL baby sister Katrina and my dear friend Nina and much more!!! It may be a chance I get it back but...I won't count on it. I do have my sponsorship pictures to share with you.

DorNee' Love

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