Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Loving You

DorNee' Family,
Cold weather will contribute to very dry skin, hair and nails. Now more than ever is the time to show love to your entire body. The moisture and the elasticity in our skin is being lost daily. Here is the breakdown and tips to give yourself extra care now and always. Visit our online boutique http://www.dornee.com for the natural body luxuries reference below.

1. Body-It is important to exfoliate with our Creme Scrub that will remove the dead, dull and lack luster dry skin and restore the moisture. You can use our Creme Scrub twice a week. But please follow up with our Shea Souffle' as this cream was created just for this time of the year. It is rich and thick with shea butter and skin loving natural oils to replenish lost moisture and elasticity due to the dry & cold climates.

2. Hands/Nails-Ladies, wonder why this time of year your nails split, crack and break more??? They need attention due to lost moisture as well!! The white part of your nail which is correctly called the "free edge" has no flexibilty so when it bends....it breaks and most of the time in the corners and it hurts. Ouch! So while you are exfoliating and restoring moisture, don't forget about your hands. Remember to massage your cuctiles and nails. They need love too!! You can use our Body Silk to massage your nails & cuticles daily. There is nothing like beautiful hands. When they are not together, they will age you.
**Note artificial nails: Acrylics, Gels, Wraps....cannot tolerate lots of moisture from oils or water. Be careful to keep from getting water molds and fungus.

3. Feet- Our precious delicate feet. Ladies and gents please don't think because your feet will be bundled up with thick socks and boots that you can put off the care of your feet until Spring. NOT!!! Then when you go to the Spa to get your feet done the Manicurist will pull out a chain saw to cut off all of the hard, cracked and dry skin, B.K.A. TOE JAM off your feet or just refer you to a surgeon for reconstructive surgery..... Let's not go there so start now and continue with our Suga Foot Pumice Scrub to gently remove the dry skin. This can be used 3 times a week. For daily moisturizing use our Heel Shield Foot Butter that has the essential oil of Tea Tree which has gained immensed recognition as the strongest anti-fungal, anti-viral and anti-bacterial essential oil. That boils down our Heel Sheild will help healthy feet fight against fungus from sweat and moisture that can lead to discoloration/loss of toe nails and excessive hard and cracked skin on your heels. **When you do go to your fravorite salon/spa, take your DorNee' products with you and introduce our natural body luxuries to your nail techs....

4. Hair-Fabulous Tresses is the desire of every woman! Did you know that your hair sheds 50-100 stands of hair daily? So just imagine the amount of strands of hair loss in dry, cold and winter climates! In order to keep our hair beautifully maintained, we must moisturize our hair too!. Although DorNee' does not make a product that is specific to the needs of our hair, I found out from different clients that they use the Shea Souffle', Heel Shield and Body Silk in their hair!! I said WHAT??? But then I realized that our products are NATURAL, free of chemicals and are created with skin loving ingredients.....Tea Tree (used in the Heel Shield) is used in many hair products especially shampoos. Shea Butter, Honey (used in Shea Souffle')...need I say more? Check the ingredients in hair & scalp conditioners. The natural oils used in our Body Silk are found in most higher end Hair Polishes for a natural sheen. **FYI** use small amounts of these products so it won't make your hair too heavy.

Ok, You are probably asking how in the world does she know so much about Hair and Nails??? Well family I was a nail technician for 17 years and owned nail salons called Polished Image Nail Studio. I have been in the beauty industry for a very long time and well versed when it comes to it. I have Hair Stylist in Atlanta and Ohio that order my Shea Souffle' to use on their clients hair. More importantly my best friend Shennevean Long who is the owner of Changing Faces Hair & Nail Salon located at 2162 S Taylor Rd Cleveland Heights Oh, 44118 is my FABULOUS hair stylist so if you are in the Cleveland area call her for an appointment 216-321-5900. Just don't take my spot!!!!!

Be Beautiful

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