Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Where Are You Socializing?


As you know Social Media is the way of the world. I have found that some people are afraid to branch out or really just don't have the time to communicate in this manner. Guess what family, I was one of them. I have to say that networking through Social Media has been a great boost for the DorNee' business allowing me to meet new and exciting people and adding to the DorNee' Family. I thank you all for keeping up with me at the following:

It is wonderful to put a face to my DorNee' customers and I have to say you all have some beautiful faces!! At my links you will find sales, discounts and lots of DorNee' Love posted and shared.

Where are you socializing? I would like to keep up with you, what you are doing and what you have to say. DorNee' is about the love of family. Let's stay connected!

Send me a link to where you are chatting so I can say hello and thank you for the DorNee' Love.

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