Tuesday, January 27, 2009

For The Love Of Family


Allow me to truly introduce myself. You all know me as the passionate DorNee' Creator of luscious Shea Souffle', Body Puddings, and much more. However, I am first a God fearing woman that is a wife to Carver and mother of a now 9 yr old son (who is the boss) Brisk. I have 2 lovely sisters Michelle and Katrina who I love dearly.

As you all know my business began after the passing of my mother and that I had the honor to care for her until she passed. Well family not only am I a Creator of the products that you all have come to know and love, I find myself becoming somewhat of a caregiver again.

My husband is not well and it has been very hard on my family. He was a recipient of an Organ transplant last April and know that it has not been a bed of roses since the transplant. It really has been a roller coaster. He is now, as I type, in the hospital undergoing a scheduled surgery to repair some damage that has scarred the new organ.

I am dedicated and consumed with the love and well being of my family. As my heart is heavy, I am faithful that God will bring my husband through this entire ordeal in his right mind, better health and uplifted spirits, back to his family.

As I close today's blog and get ready for a busy day, I ask for prayers for your DorNee' family and please know the importance of loving on your family and friends daily, for tomorrow is not promised.

DorNee' Love

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