Sunday, January 25, 2009

Midnight Discussion


It is midnight and I am still wired up from working all day. I needed to restock my DorNee' shelves for they were looking like Mother Hubbards Cupboard!! I have been really busy with orders of Shea Souffle', Heel Shield, Butter Bars and Suga Foot Pumice Scrub. That tells me that the cold climate is not being good to your skin and that your feet are in need of some pampering. Loving it, create your own at home spa experience!!

This is the first blog for "Discussion with DorNee' and to celebrate our late night chat, I will deeply discount the above natural luxuries that inspired me to chat, chat, chat starting 1/26/09 to 1/31/09. Are you guys still up? Hopefully you are resting, and when you wake up, log onto our online boutique and enjoy the deep discounts.

DorNee' Love

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