Wednesday, July 1, 2009

What Our Customers Are Saying


I would like to share with you some of the love that DorNee' receives from our customers. I am grateful to be able to service you all!

"I don’t have a computer at home (LOL still living in the 70’s)but I wanted to tell you how happy I am with the soufflĂ©. I got one for my mom too. Not only has it kept my feet, legs and hands baby soft…but we found another use for it----- please share this----- we both burned ourselves on the stove,I burned my arm top and bottom (6 long burns) while I was baking in the oven. We put the soufflĂ© on the burns and they are disappearing and are completely flat! One of the burns is completely gone! unbelievable"--- Christine G. S. Euclid, Ohio

"DorNee' hand an body lotion is my favorite. I have used other lotions and still have had to apply applications throughout the day. With DorNee' no need!!!!
Thanks for making products for all skin types". Geri T, Woodmere, Ohio

"I am really pleased with the DorNee products that I purchased. I got the Mellow Kiss Body Pudding. I love the smell and the fresh fragrance. I apply it when I come out of the bath and it gives me a Spa feeling.(smile)

I wasn’t sure about the Mellow Kiss hand and body lotion, because it gave me an “exfoliating feeling”. It didn’t quite spread smooth like lotion so I was concerned about it, but then I remember the representative telling me that it’s more for your “hot spots” like elbows and heels of feet and I fell in love with all over again.

Now for a more “luxurious spa feeling” I combine the two and use the lotion on my arms and elbows and feet and use the body pudding everywhere else.

I just recently purchase the baby-powder body soap. I am sure I will be equally as pleased and look forward to purchasing more products. Thank you for introducing them to me". -Tajuana D, Shaker Hts, Ohio

"I love the soap. It’s very clean and doesn’t leave a film on your body. The scent is soft and not overpowering. I will be buying more in the future".
-Faith A, Maple Hts, OH

"Hello, I am a longtime fan of mainly your soaps. Sonya from Alexandria,VA
was selling your products, let me try the soap and I was HOOKED! My husband
enjoyed the soap as well. It cleanses very nicely, removing dirt I didn't
know even existed.
I was wondering if you need anymore people to help support your blessed
business while making a little cash on the side, and if so how do I get
started. If not I still am considering rekindling my relationship with your
wonderful products. Continue 2 B Blessed"-Consuello, VA

"I purchased this product about a year ago and just now, ran out! This product is awesome.. it left my skin soooo soft, like baby skin soft (smile). I have been using it twice a week and my skin just glows. It is a radiant glow that is just glistening and everyone notice. It has a pleasant, calming, fragrance that allows you to indulge and relax. Before I starting using this product my skin had dry patchy areas that made me feel itchy. After using the product for one month my dryness went way and this natural glow transformed.My Husband loves it also. I have told all my friends and I will never be without this product". -Rosalyn H. Murfreesboro, TN

For all of our DorNee' customers, I want you to know that you all are appreciated, loved and your satisfaction is my first priority. I work hard, have many sleepless nights and long days making every effort to ensure that the best possible natural body luxuries are produced for you!

DorNee' Love

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