Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Welcome Maurice


I would like to introduce to you our newest DorNee' consultant, Maurice Vauss! I have to say it is great to have a man in the family! He is a passionate lover of all things beautiful and natural. Maurice truly loves the products and believe in the mission of DorNee' to maintain beauty by enriching our bodies...naturally.

Maurice is running his DorNee' business in two states!! Kansas City, Missouri and Cleveland, Ohio. This is a man on the move with a mission to build wealth and spread the word of the natural body luxuries of DorNee'.

If you are looking for a DorNee' consultant or to book a spa party in Kansas City, as that is his home base, Maurice is available to service you!! You can email customerservice@dornee.com, leave your contact information and you will be contacted directly for assistance.

As you can see DorNee' is growing and looking for serious, professional men and women to join our family. Please contact us at customerservice@dornee.com for further information.

DorNee' Love

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