Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Donate Life


This blog post is truly about beauty but in a different way. As there are many ways to define and be beautiful, I strive to be beautiful from the inside out. It is important to me to extend myself in a way that I can be a blessing to others.

I am speaking to you all today about something very serious and close to my heart. Organ Donation. I have always been an organ donor because sometimes you can do more for a person in death, than you can in life.

As my husband was a recipient of an organ last year that is now rejecting, we are in deep prayer as he awaits another opportunity for an extension of his life. All that I ask from my DorNee' family is prayer, continued support and love.

Enclosing, if you have never given organ donation a thought, remember what is happening to my family and many, many others...can happen to you. Please know that God only wants your soul in Heaven, He has all of the rest covered!! Log onto http://www.organdonor.gov and register as a donor in your state.

DorNee' Love

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