Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Working Like Crazy


Here is a great big hug!!!! Because of your love and support of the DorNee' line, I have been extremely busy. DorNee' launched its new affiliate program and has a new fabulous consultant who you will be introduced to very soon! The program is going really well!! If you are interested, please contact

I have been on the road showcasing the DorNee' line and it has been a blast meeting new people and attending some great events.

This evening I will taking a road trip to TN to visit family and deliver product!!! DorNee' has a fabulous following in the Nashville area and I will be meeting up with some ladies to deliver their orders and showcase the line.

Will chat with you more with updates and just more love when I return!!! Really miss you guys and thank you much

DorNee' Love

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Talking with Tami said...

im glad your doing ok my friend just checkin on you! Call me and love the new look!