Saturday, April 25, 2009

Ylang Ylang & Sweet Orange Bath Salts


I am chatting with you on a beautiful Saturday morning where the weather has finally reached 80 degree temperatures!!! I am so excited. I will not be enjoying the out doors today for I must continue to prepare for upcoming spa parties and filling orders.

It is because of you that I stay excited about working late nights, creating new products and continuing to grow the DorNee' business. During one of my late nights and messing around with mixing essential oils, I came up with a succulent and relaxing combination that I wanted to share with you.

In keeping with the mission to create the perfect at home spa, I am proud to introduce to you the Ylang Ylang & Sweet Orange Bath Salts!! This mix of sea salts, invigorating essential oils and crushed red rose buds....YUMMY!!! I am so proud!

Before a product is added to the line, it is tested by all of local customers, friends and family. When they give me the ok....the product is launched. I had sample jars of these bath salts to be tested and they were so well received, the ladies were asking to buy the testers!

So ladies, get ready to run a nice warm bath, light your candles, turn on the soft music and add your new DorNee' favorite; Ylang Ylang & Sweet Orange bath salts. Enjoy!

DorNee' Love

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