Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Know Your Value


This weekend was great. I was invited to showcase the DorNee' line at an event on domestic violence. It was a small, warm event with the most loving bunch of women, especially the hostess Elaine Thomas.

We laughed, ate some great food, danced and almost cried. However, we were gathered together to show love, empower and realize our greatness.

What women contribute to this world is far more than what I can post about. Sometimes some of our fabulous ladies does not realize their power, does not love themselves, thus resulting in great heartache.

I just want lend my voice in speaking out on self love. Let's take the DorNee' Empowerment Pledge to:

1. Love yourself first
2. Realize your value
3. Remember you have more strengths than weakness.
4. Your voice is valuable, use it to empower others.
5. Be true to yourself.
6. Demand respect.

DorNee' Love

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Elaine said...

Ahhh!, thanks Torrian, you are a sweatheart. Thanks so much for featuring the DorNee Line at my event. Everyone loved you product and I know that they will be back for more. Smiles, Elaine