Thursday, April 9, 2009

Getting the Word Out


I have had the opportunities to showcase the DorNee' by doing vendor events locally and out of state, magazine articles, radio interviews and live TV broadcast with one of our local news stations. Also I am a VIP sponsor for S.T.E.P.S. Event Planning Marketing Firm in Atlanta, GA.

Being a VIP sponsor allows me access to showcasing the DorNee' line to celebrity events such as BET Award Show, many events that are hosted by singer/songwriter Ne-Yo, Usher and much more. I had the honor to meet the Fabulous Susan Taylor of Essence Magazine and personally gift her with DorNee' products. We took many pictures together, I am working on getting them posted soon.

The DorNee' line has been blessed by many wonderful people that understands my passion and truly loves the products. You may log on to and go onto the DorNee' in the News link to view the interviews, articles, red carpet events and more.

The latest article was written by Beth at Chic Gallery, check out the DorNee' Love at

The article is short, but sweet and I am grateful. It is important to me that you all are informed and up on what is going on with the DorNee' line.

If there are any ideas you may have about spreading the DorNee' word, please contact me directly.

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Elaine Thomas said...

Wow, Torrian, this is wonderful!! Congrats to you. It is such a pleasure to know you.