Wednesday, April 1, 2009

April Foot Spa Giveaway


April Fools is a day of laughter, many jokes and lots of fun. The DorNee' family will have lots of fun today and it will not be a joke!

I will be giving away a Foot Spa (Heel Shield Foot Butter & Suga Foot Pumice Scrub) to one lucky winner. It is time to get ready to put on our sandals, get our toe nails polished in rich & vibrant colors, really show our feet. However, they must be beautiful! The Foot Spa will allow you to exfoliate and moisturize creating soft and supple feet. Take it with you to the salon or spa!

Here are the contest requirements.

1. You must have a valid email address
2. The give away is only open to US residents.
3. You must be subscribed to Discussion with DorNee' blog

This is a contest about spreading the DorNee' Love. The person that sends the best email to at least 10 people or post a blog about your love of DorNee' natural body luxuries in 1 complete paragraph that links to and to will win. The copy of the email or blog must be sent to to be entered.

You will be selected based on your description of your DorNee' experience, favorite products and why you feel others should know about DorNee'. If you have never used the natural body luxuries of DorNee', you must explain your desire to use the products, why you feel others should know about DorNee' and how you found out about the DorNee' line.

The deadline for the contest entries is April 8Th.

DorNee' Love

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