Monday, March 23, 2009

Learning Something New


Each day brings something new, whether it is a new product, thought, friend or task. These days I am learning to tackle new tasks. I am not a lover of technical things and seem to run away from any gadget. But I have decided to embrace all of my technical fears and go for them all!!

I am now learning to be a photographer and it is a challenge. This is a trial run and I know the pictures will get better. My fellow Indie sister Lisa Rodgers has extended her hand to help me!! I will be calling on you Lisa!!!

So if you start seeing lots of pictures...Don't be alarmed, its just me embracing my technical fears and learning something new. My new camera is the cutest gadget with the ability to do all kinds of things. With the support that DorNee' always receive from you and the help from one of the sweetest ladies I have never seen in person...I will be fine!!!!

Here goes just a few pictures, they need some fine tuning but soon they will be GREAT!!

Be Beautiful

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