Friday, March 6, 2009

Working Out


I am on a mission to tone, tighten and make sure that I get back in shape. I have been really out of the exercise routine since my hubby has been sick. However, in the midst of my care giving storm, I must take care of myself. Normally I am at the gym and I love going, get more accomplished at the gym. Now I just can't get away so I have been making an effort to work out at home. YIKES!! It is so hard to work out as the phone is ringing, my son and husband talking to me and so on.

So I have been using the Bender Ball and I have to say it is truly an engaging workout. It is easier than using the larger workout balls and it gets right to the point of working your muscles until they are pulled out of socket, or is it that I am more out of shape than I'd rather admit.

Pilates is my workout of choice and this routine really works you in the same manner. So as we are Eating Ourselves Gorgeous and taking care of ourselves from the inside is my additional contribution to these efforts.

What is your workout of choice? Any words of encouragement for an out of shape, Shea Butter Souffle', Creme Scrub making Blogger??? I need you!

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