Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Eat Yourself Gorgeous


Do you realize the foods you ingest effects more than your weight, cholesterol, sugar levels and so on? Beauty is more than simply having a good figure. Our skin, hair and nails are fortified by various vitamins and minerals that must come from the food we eat.

The DorNee' line creates products that will allow you to maintain healthy skin, however, healthy skin starts from within and with your efforts first.

Many of us are not aware that we can achieve radiance with simple, flavorful foods, which I have entitled "Beauty Food" You will be provided in this series recipes that will help to cleanse, counter water retention, add energy and are vitamin enriched. I challenge you to take better care of your inside so the natural body luxuries of DorNee' can help maintain healthy outside beauty.

Before we get started with the flavorful recipes, I will start with the most basic, most important and no to low cost Beauty Food for our skin.

WATER-Our bodies are composed of at least two-thirds of water, the amount of which decreases as we age. Water dissolves and transports water-soluble nutrients in our body. Our body temperature is regulated by water and it helps remove all hazardous materials. Water makes the skin clear, smooth and firm. Our bodies need at least 1-2 quarts of water per day and in warmer climates and if you are performing physical or vigorous exercise, your body requires more.

That was easy, no grocery lines, pots or pans. Just a glass from your kitchen cabinet, a cold faucet or at minimal cost, bottled water. Enjoy!

Be Beautiful

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